Corporate cocktail and buffet catering packages


La table de Châteauform’ package

The spirit of Châteauform’,
a festive table for lunch
or dinner!

Cocktail Package I

A generous and gourmet cocktail
full of flavour and imagination
to be shared!

Cocktail Package II

An even more gourmet and
more generous
corporate cocktail

Cocktail Package III

A unique cocktail experience
to surprise your taste buds
and delight your guests!

Are you planning a company cocktail? Are you looking for a caterer for a corporate buffet in Paris? DISCOVER OUR COCKTAIL AND BUFFET ALL-INCLUSIVE PACKAGES

Nomad – La table de Châteauform’, the catering specialist in dining cocktails and festive corporate events for events in Paris and around Ile-de-France. Our mission is to accompany you around a festive table designed to please, spark conversation and tantalise the taste buds

Plan your company cocktail
in Paris with Nomad – La Table de Châteauform’

What is the Nomad touch for organising your cocktail dinners or corporate evenings?

Being a corporate events caterer above all means creating unique experiences and sensations. This is how Nomad – La table de Châteauform’ goes about setting the stage to your events.
More than offering our expertise in providing gourmet, generous, inviting cuisine for corporate buffets and cocktails, we offer a truly innovative catering experience that reinvents what can be done in the industry:

  • A large table is set out in the middle of the space brimming with tasty titbits to be shared, gourmet dishes and other imaginative creations that are a pleasure to see, smell and taste.
  • Our table hosts are actors of your event, swooping from guest to guest with giant platters on the shoulders.
  • Gourmet platters based on a theme: fois gras, mushrooms, chocolate, citrus fruit or French patisserie.
  • Signature unique dishes to sample and an array of flavours to share

What does an all-inclusive cocktail package include?

Keep a cap on your budget. With the package that we offer, the catering service for your company covers everything!

  • The food – entrée, main and dessert
  • The service
  • Hot and cold drinks
  • The décor
  • The table hosts and kitchen staff
  • The delivery
  • Everything is included so there are no surprises